Nissha Medical Technologies Group

Nissha Medical Technologies Group

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Business Outline Contract design and manufacturing services for medical device manufacturers, manufacturing and sales of own brand products for medical institutions, production and sales of business media

Company Profile

Nissha Medical Technologies Group, the core company of Medical Technologies Business, is headquartered in the United States with manufacturing and sales offices in eight countries. Since its founding in 1909, it has applied its converting and printing technologies to business media and medical devices. Its main medical devices business provides contract design and manufacturing services for major medical device manufacturers, while also manufacturing and selling own brand products to medical institutions such as hospitals.

Medical Devices

Design & Manufacturing

Design & Manufacturing

We are the trusted partner in the Design and Manufacturing of single use medical technologies. Our streamlined process combines decades of experience to deliver high quality medical products. We leverage innovative technologies across our global footprint of unique capabilities to efficiently meet our Customer’s demanding specifications and timelines.

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

We manufacture and distribute high quality Patient Monitoring and Medical Surgical Consumables direct to Hospitals and Clinical Centers of Excellence. Our dedicated direct sales and customer service teams bring these solutions to market in North America, Europe and Japan. Additionally, we extend our global reach to service over 60 countries through our Authorized Distributor Network.
Many of our products are available for private label through our Custom Label Products group. With an eye for quality and a focus on cost, we quickly brand and launch these consumables as if they were your own.

Business Media

Industrial Recording Materials

Graphic Controls Data Recording

Graphic Controls Industrial Products is the global market leader delivering precision Data Recording Supplies.

Material for Tickets and Cards

Graphic Controls Transactional Media

Graphic Controls Transactional Media is the manufacturer of materials related to printing which requires security function.

Nissha Medical Technologies Group of Companies

Corporate Headquarters (USA)

Graphic Controls Acquisition Corp. (USA)

Ownership : Nissha Co., Ltd.
CEO : Sam Heleba
Business Outline:Contract manufacturing services, manufacturing and sales of medical devices, production and sales of business media.
Location:400 Exchange Street Buffalo, NY 14204, U.S.A.

Lead-Lok, Inc. (USA)

Lead-Lok, Inc. (USA)

Business Outline:Contract manufacturing services, manufacturing and sales of medical devices.
Location:814 Airport Way Sandpoint, ID 83864, U.S.A.

CEA Medical Manufacturing, Inc. (USA)

CEA Medical Manufacturing, Inc. (USA)

Business OutlineContract manufacturing services, manufacturing and sales of medical devices.
Location:1735 Merchants Court Colorado Springs, CO 80916, U.S.A.

Sequel Special Products, LLC (USA)

Sequel Special Products, LLC

Business Outline:Contract manufacturing of surgical instruments for minimally invasive surgery and orthopedics
Location:1 Hillside Drive, Wolcott, CT 06716, U.S.A.

Nissha Medical Technologies (Ohio), Inc. (USA)

Nissha Medical Technologies, Inc. (Ohio)

Business Outline:Manufacturing rigid scopes for urology and gynecology and components of therapeutic devices
Location:93 N. Pleasant Street Norwalk, OH 44857, U.S.A.

European Headquarters

Nissha Medical Technologies Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Nissha Medical Technologies Ltd.(United Kingdom)

Business Outline:Contract manufacturing services, manufacturing and sales of medical devices, production and sales of business media.
Location:Torbay Business Park, Woodview Road, Paignton, Devon TQ4 7HP, United Kingdom

Nissha Medical Technologies SAS (France)

Nissha Medical Technologies SAS

Business Outline:Manufacturing and sales and OEM manufacturing of medical equipment
Location:23-25 Boulevard de la Paix, 95800 Cergy, France​

Tyrolmed GmbH (Austria)

Tyromed GmbH. (Austria)

Business Outline:Sales and research of medical devices and contract manufacturing services 
Location:Bundesstraße 25, 6063 Rum, Austria

CEA Global Dominicana, S.R.L. (Dominican Republic)

CEA Global Dominicana, S.R.L. (Dominican Republic)

Business Outline:Contract manufacturing services and manufacturing of medical devices
Location:L Izquierdo 18 San Pedro de Macorís, Dominican Republic

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