Excellent Printability and Dynamic Visual Style for a Wide Range of Use in Labels and Packaging


Metallized paper is a special paper with a metallic layer vacuum deposited on the surface for decorative effects. Metallized papers offer a solution to achieve the distinctive, metallic finish on packaging with only a fraction of the aluminum content of traditional foils. The materials are plastic-free and environmental friendly with excellent recyclability.
Nissha Group’s metallized paper is used widely in the labels and packaging of beverage, food, and consumer products by approximately 300 companies in 80 countries.

*AR Metallizing Group operates the metallized paper business worldwide.

Technology and Process Highlights

Metallized paper

Metallized paper is produced by heating aluminum or another material in a vacuum chamber, vaporizing or sublimating it, and depositing a thin layer on the surface of the substrate.

  1. Paper is pre-coated with lacquers that are applied to smooth out the surface of the paper to act as a barrier between the paper and the metallized layer and to improve the adhesion of the vaporized metal.
  2. For holographic effects: the paper is then mirco-embossed using a proprietary and patented process with designs to create the visual effect desired.
  3. The pre-coated paper is then metallized directly.
  4. All metallized papers are then top coated and re-moisturized as a final process. The coating protects the aluminum from damage and serves as a print receptive primer for multiple printing applications.
  5. For linen, brushed, or pinhole embossed, the metallized paper is mico-embossed for the desired textured.

Key Features

  • Metallized paper has excellent printability. It works with all printing techniques (offset, rotogravure, UV, flexography and some digital) and types of ink (solvent-based, water-based, UV curable).
  • Designed to facilitate cutting (resists curling) and labeling to ensure ease of handling by the customer
  • Stable quality realizes high productivity and low cost
  • Plastic-free and environmental friendly with excellent recyclability.
  • Track record of delivery to approximately 300 companies in 80 countries


Labels, packaging, and wrapping material for health care, cosmetics, beverage, food, and consumer products

Metallized Envelope

Mettalized Labels

Products Line-up

Metallized Paperboard, "SilberBoard"

AR Metallizing introduces SilberBoard, a recyclable board alternative to packaging. SilberBoard is a metallized paperboard and a fully sustainable alternative to the commonly used multilayer composite board comprising metallized polyester. SilberBoard has a distinctive eye-catching brilliant, metallic finish and outstanding technical capabilities. As a result, SilberBoard enables premium brands to maintain their trusted look eliminating plastics films and providing an environmental recycable package.
*SilberBoard is a registered trademark or a trademark of AR Metallizing.

Metallized Board, SilberBoard sample

Key Features

Enhanced package design
  • A premium high quality look to your package and product
  • Greater shelf appeal setting your brand apart from competition on busy store shelves
Environment friendly
  • Plastic-free and environmental friendly with excellent recyclability
  • Alternative to laminated metallized polyester films
  • High Printability (Gravure printing, Flexo printing, Letter press and Digital printing)
  • Enhanced security against counterfeit
Introduction video of the Metallized Paperboard, "SilberBoard"

Metallized Paper

Various Designs

Metallized Paper

We offer a diverse lineup of designs to optimize the appearance of the customer’s product.
  • Luster (glossy/matte)
  • High brightness
  • Embossed finish
  • Holographic finish, etc.

Metallized Label applications

Metallized Paper

  • Glue labels: Glue is applied to the paper substrate for labeling bottles
  • Cut and stack labels : Adhesive is applied to the back. This is generally known as a sticker
  • In-mold labels: The label is inserted in the mold while forming the plastic packaging, and affixed using heat from the resin. It resists peeling and enhances unity between the label and the package 

Other Applications

Metallized Paper


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