Premium packaging, wrapping and labelling solutions

Metallized papers, paperboards and foils offer highly attractive finishes that maximize the shelf appeal of products. We support brands deliver the premium packaging and labelling looks preferred by customers with outstanding technical features and barrier properties to protect and preserve goods.
Nissha Group’s metallized papers, paperboards and foils are proudly manufactured by AR Metallizing.

Metallized papers and foils can be used for a wide range of packaging and label applications and have been developed to offer a number of specific technical characteristics.
Our products offer excellent printability and are optimized for converting machinery. In addition to our high-shine finish, we also offer pinhead, linen, brushed and embossed finishes, as well as holographic designs (both custom and standard designs).

The majority of our product portfolio is metallized paper. All our paper-based products can be recyclable and are an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to multi-layer materials. Via AR Metallizing’s newly launched brand Packle the team helps brands to remain their trusted - glossy - look, replacing plastic film with a paperbased monomaterial. Packle enables brandowners to be sustainable, instagrammable and at the same to time to stand out from the crowd with sensorial experience and innovative design.
AR Metallizing also offers products that have been specially developed for direct food contact.

Our products are used in a wide variety of labelling and packaging applications. We are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and our products are used on household name products.


Our products: metallized paper for packaging and labels

Metallized labels

AR Metallizing’s papers are used for a variety of labelling applications, including wet strength labels, pressure-sensitive labels, general labels and in-mold labels

Wet Strength Labels

Pressure-sensitive Labels

General Labels

In-mold Labels

Metallized paperboard for packaging and wrapping

Via AR Metallizing's brand Packle, we help companies meet sustainability targets for their packaging without losing the premium finishes preferred by consumers.
Our recyclable products are used for gift wrap, direct mail envelopes and graphic papers (used for magazine covers, brochures, book and DVD covers etc). The products are also used as top sheets for litho lamination solutions, including board games, electronic goods and household appliance packaging.
Our metallized paperboard for folding boxes is also commonly used in various packaging applications, including for health and beauty packaging (including blister pack), pharmaceuticals, food products, fashion and sports goods.

Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Litho Lamination Solutions for Packaging

Litho Lamination Solutions for Packaging

Metallized packaging, labels and wraps for direct food contact

We are a supplier of choice of direct food contact materials. Our products include butterwrap, ice cream cone wrappers, food wraps, food bags, chocolate wrap and papers, gum wrap, candy wrap and twisting papers for candies.
We recently expanded our product line to include metallized and transparant polypropylene lids for coffee capsules enabling brands to shift to a fully recyclable, mono-polymer coffee pod.
We also offer aluminum foil packaging for a number of direct food applications, which include chocolate and chewing gum. These products have superior barrier qualities and support the longevity and protection of food products from odors and light.

Food Wraps

Food Wraps

Ice Cream Cone Wrappers 

Ice Cream Cone Wrappers 

Susceptor film

Our susceptor films are used for food packaging (particularly microwaveable products). The films are used to convert microwave energy to thermal energy which supports the crisping of foods through microwave cooking.
Our susceptor film is also used for other packaging applications when laminated to board.

Metallized innerliners

Our products are used as innerliners for vapor and tobacco products.

Key features of our products

  • Our metallized products are print ready. They are compatible with all printing techniques and types of ink.
  • We have developed our products to work optimally with converting machinery.
  • Our in-house Research and Development specialists have developed the technical characteristics of our metallized papers and foils for specific uses. Our products can be adapted for the requirements of our customers and their supply chain.
  • Our metallized paper products are recyclable mono-materials making them a viable alternative to multi-layer label and packaging materials.
  • Our metallized products are used globally by both multinational companies
  • We have an excellent track record producing top-quality products.


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