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Products and Services

Touch Sensor

We develop and produce film-based touch sensors with precision and functionality.

Force Sensor

In combination with touch sensors, force sensor enables an innovative user interface that detects the inputting force.


In-mold Decoration technology using film which allows curved parts to get decorative and functional layers on product surface.


IME (In-mold Electronics) is a module product which integrates touch sensors, light source heater, antenna, etc. into a plastic panel.

Transfer Foil

Transfer process can allow various material get high-quality decoration on top surface. The substrate such as plastics, glasses, and metals is possible for adding decoration.

Printed Electronics

Printed Electronics is the technology which adds electronical function onto material surface with a scalable and cost-efficient manufacturing process.


Our global molding capability enables to provide molded parts to customers in world wide.

Material Consulting

We operate an advanced material library and provide consulting service on materials.

Commercial Printing

We offer a wade range of services, from planning for such as advertising, sales promotion, and PR strategies to the production of printing materials such as catalogs, brochures and so on.

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