Visitors are requested to use this website with full understanding of the following.

  • Among the information included on this website, performance targets, plans, outlooks, strategies and other information that is not constituted of actual past facts, is information that has been judged reasonable by the managers of the Company based on the information available at the time of its creation and contains elements of risk and uncertainty. Actual business results may differ greatly depending on various factors such as economic trends, market demand, and fluctuations in exchange rates.

  • This website is aimed at having people deepen their understanding of the company and is not for the purpose of inducing investment. Nissha asks all investors to make decisions on investment at their own discretion.

  • Meticulous attention has been paid to the content of this website, but please be aware that the Company will bear absolutely no responsibility for any hindrance that occurs as a result of mistakes in information included on this website or activities such as the downloading of data.

  • There are cases in which not all of the information that the Company has disclosed is included on this website, and also cases in which different expressions are used from the information disclosed by other means. In addition, the period of publication of information on this website in accordance with the Rules on Timely Disclosure may be delayed for reasons of publication preparation.

  • The content of this website may be altered or its inclusion discontinued without prior notice.

  • Please be aware that the company will bear absolutely no responsibility in regard to information on other websites for which a link is set from this website.

  • The settlement summaries, disclosure documents, materials from meetings to explain settlement, integrated reports, and financial statements and materials about the meeting of shareholders, etc, that are published on this website and have a date are published exactly as they were at either the time of disclosure or the time of issue. Please bear in mind that even if the information contained in these documents is changed at a later date, the company does not amend or update them for publication on this website except in cases of particular inclusions.
    *On October 6, 2017, we changed our trade name from Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. to Nissha Co., Ltd. Former trade name is contained in the documents which desclosured or issued before the change of the trade name.

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