FY2010 Nissha Group Joint Initiation Ceremony of our new recruits

April 1, 2009

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha Group jointly held a ceremonial event to celebrate the initiation of our new recruits for fiscal year 2010.

Particulars of the Event
Date: April 1, 2009 (from 13:30)
Place: Head Office Auditorium, Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.
New recruits: 59 (Head Office), 124 (Subsidiaries)

President's Message (in summary)

To each and every one of you who are newly joining the Nissha Group, I extend my sincere congratulations. Today, I am filled with the joy of welcoming you as members of the Nissha Group.

Starting this year, we will be holding our initiation ceremony by inviting all new recruits of our group companies operating in Japan to our Head Office. The decision is founded on our deeply felt belief that the same corporate principles, values, and goals must be shared throughout the group although the member companies are organized as affiliates and entities according to expected functions.

On the 6th of October this year, we will be celebrating our 80th year in business. "A company bringing forth what others cannot" is true of us today as it was when first advocated by our founder Naoki Suzuki. His spirit has for long been passed down and is now part of our DNA, firmly taking root as part of our corporate values.

In practice, the spirit manifests itself in the creation of technology and quality uniquely our own and in the enhancement of satisfaction felt by our customers through such technology and quality. To this end, I ask each of you to be always aware that there is a customer at the end of all your assignments. Equally important, keep passion in your heart. Nissha is a company that places special importance on fostering impassioned individuals.

Faced with the effects of the current financial credit crisis, the global economy continues to struggle through unpredictable developments. While doing our utmost in an effort to pull through these hard times by drawing on a variety of resources, we are also doing other things. Our interest does not stop at taking care of immediate concerns. We are a future-oriented global corporation. Our proprietary technologies grounded and cultivated in the field of "printing" inherently possess the potential of being widely employed in the global market. Perceiving, however, the trends of the global market in terms of our technologies and rendering them shape in the form of business opportunities is the task of our members -- particularly, those of you joining us today with youthful vigor and ways of thinking.

The current economic environment characterized by uncertainties for the future necessarily calls upon each of us to fully exercise all our abilities and tackle assignments in the spirit of teamwork. So that you may become better prepared for your coming assignments, we have made available a number of training programs. Start by finding out what it means to be a Nissha member as well as about the products we handle. I expect you to study hard and become capable members of our workforce very soon, and let us work with passion so that Nissha may grow further in the global market.
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