Basic Purchasing Policy Defined

April 2, 2009

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Our corporate principles have now been defined in the form of "Basic Purchasing Policy" to govern our procurement/purchasing activities.

Guided by the policy, our efforts to build a strong partnership with our suppliers will continue to grow further in the months ahead. We will remain committed to maximizing our corporate value while at the same time fulfilling our corporate responsibilities to society.

Basic Purchasing Policy

For the achievement of the Corporate Mission, "We are committed to pursuing a mutually trustful Co-Existance with society through our business activities utilizing a unique technology development, based on PRINTING as a core.", we at Nissha are always committed to creating enterprise value by establishing the partnership for co-existence and co-prosperity with suppliers and carrying out mutually fair procurement.

We at Nissha evaluate suppliers impartially, fairly and comprehensively, based on the following points.

•Stable business foundation and reliable business attitude
•Excellent technology development and supply abilities
•Flexibility to adapt to changes in the business environment
•Safety of products and services, stable quality and lead time and competitive prices
•Supply chain management aimed for business continuation

We at Nissha promote CSR procurement by working with suppliers on the following points.

•Full consideration to the global environment
•Observance of laws and regulations and raising corporate ethics
•Respect of fundamental human rights
•Promotion of labor safety and health
•Maintenance and improvement of information security level
•Information disclosure
•Fair trade
•Social contribution

April 2, 2009
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