Botanical DNA ink "CustoMerQ" has been adopted by the Oita Fisheries Co-operative Association

-Preserving the "Sekiaji" and "Sekisaba" brands-

February 13, 2012

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

A botanical DNA ink "CustoMerQ" developed by Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (USA), has been adopted by the Saganoseki Branch of the Oita Fisheries Co-operative Association. It will be used at hygienically controlled facilities which are to launch in April 2012.
These facilities will have an integrated processing line from unloading to shipping for products including "Sekiaji" horse mackerel and "Sekisaba" common mackerel. CustoMerQ DNA ink will be used to print the shipping date and shipping number on the brand label which is attached to the product. CustoMerQ DNA Ink will help prevent counterfeiting of the label and will preserve the brand name for the marine products caught in the Saganoseki area.
It will also be possible to match the shipping number that has been printed with information on a website, so that the end consumer can check the shipping information for the product online.

Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. will continue to offer the technology for judging authenticity which is produced by combining its unique printing technologies with the CustoMerQ DNA Ink , in order to offer a highly reliable authentication service which can help prevent the circulation of counterfeits.

*CustoMerQ is a trademark of Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.

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