Development of the "Muimui" series of applications for smart devices

"Puzzles with Muimui" and "Muimui Live Wallpaper" are now available for download

June 27, 2012

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

After obtaining a content license from Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, hereinafter ""), Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Nissha") has developed two device applications for smartphones featuring the character "Muimui", which was designed by the manga artist Naoki Serizawa and is managed by Perfect Contents Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, copyright management and digital business production). These applications can now be downloaded from Google Play and App Store.



The "Muimui" character is the first so-called "weak" character designed by the manga artist Naoki Serizawa, whose representative works include "Saru Lock", "Lucifer's Right Hand" and "Biohazard". These two applications featuring the "Muimui" character were planned and supervised by Perfect Contents Co., Ltd., and developed by Nissha under a license from

About "Puzzles with Muimui"


The characters including Muimui and the beautiful young girl drawn by Mr. Naoki Serizawa appear in a puzzle. It is possible to save the completed puzzle images, so they can be enjoyed as wallpaper. It is also possible to see drafts and mini manga drawn by Mr. Serizawa as a bonus for clearing levels.

Distributed from : Google Play, App Store
OS requirements : ANDROID 1.6 or above, iOS 4.0 or above
Price : 250 yen


About "Muimui Live Wallpaper"

This is a live wallpaper on which "Muimui" moves when the device is tilted.

Distributed from : Google Play
OS requirements : ANDROID 2.1
Price : 100 yen

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