Commencement of Support for Subscription E-Commerce

Total Support from Planning to Stock Control and Shipping Work

October 18, 2012

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

As one of the new services on offer from the Information and Communication Business of Nissha Printing Co., Ltd., we have begun support work for "Subscription e-commerce" for companies and organizations.
"Subscription e-commerce" is mail-order done over the Internet, with a system of regular purchasing and fixed-price charging for registered members. The subscription e-commerce we are proposing is a service which makes it possible to make regular purchases of products recommended by specialists and other reliable individuals and companies acting as curators*.
By using this service, it becomes possible for ordinary consumers to choose and purchase products efficiently from the huge volume of information and number of choices available in the world. Furthermore, as the products are recommended by the curators, it is possible to awaken the consumers' latent desire to buy. 
*Curator: A person who uses his/her unique point of view to gather, sort and edit worthwhile information and then share it with others.


  1. Based on the expertise we have built up over many years in the sales promotion business, we are able to construct a smooth supply chain from the design and production of packing materials that will make an impression on the consumers, through to rapid set assembly, stock control and shipping work.
  2. We can also handle small lots, and will provide the optimal support to meet the requirements of customers.
  3. Making use of our knowledge of the latest business trends in the area around Silicon Valley in the U.S., which we have gained during our marketing activities, we are able to offer planning and consulting which includes information on the most recent subscription e-commerce examples in that country.
  4. We will also propose effective methods of communication with consumers, by making use of our knowledge of corporate solution proposals using the social media. By using the social media, it is possible to exert a more direct and effective influence.

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