Initiatives for Supporting Next Generations

4,000 children in learning environments

April 20, 2015

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha hopes to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society through supporting next generations. One of the pillars of the Basic Social Contribution Policy is next generation support, which we are engaged in on an ongoing basis.

Environmental Workshops at Local Elementary Schools

Our employees mainly at production sites in Japan visit local elementary schools and nursery schools and conduct environmental workshops. This initiative, which started in fiscal year 2008, has reached some 4,000 children in a total of 78 schools as of the end of March 2015.
In fiscal year 2015, workshops were held at two elementary schools in Kyoto, two elementary schools in Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture, and four nursery schools in Koka, Shiga Prefecture. At the elementary schools, children learned about preventing global warming, how to separate waste, and other environmental initiatives that are close to their daily lives. In addition, we introduced the “Secrets of Printing” and the “Secrets of Touch Panels” as part of a uniquely Nissha program, aiming to encourage an interest in creating items (monozukuri) as well as fostering their concepts of occupations.

Workshop at elementary school

Workshop at nursery school

Workshops Held in Collaboration with an NPO

With the aim of developing in children an interest in the environment and unleashing their creativity and imagination, we are holding “Machikusa Mikke!” workshops in collaboration with the NPO Kids Meet Artists (Director: Haruka Idegami). In this program, the children observe the weeds (Machikusa) that generally go unnoticed in daily life, guided by the artist Shinpei Shigemoto, who coined the term Machikusa, give them original names of their choice, and make presentations about them.
Following this, they create their own original Machikusa cards, or make Machikusa maps which record where they were discovered. Since its start in 2010, this workshop has been run a total of 13 times, with around 600 children participating.
In fiscal year 2015, the workshop was held at two shrines in the Rakuhoku area of Kyoto where children from the Jidokan (local children’s hall) of each location participated, in addition to an elementary school near the Kyoto Headquarters. Workshops in all venues were lively and full of energy.

Machikusa Workshop at elementary school

Original Machikusa card

Support for the Kyoto City Board of Education’s Kyoto City Inquiry Learning Center for Career Education

We are sponsors of the Children's Monodzukuri Project in Kyoto run by the Kyoto City Board of Education. In addition to exhibiting in a corporate booth at the Kyoto City Inquiry Learning Center for Career Education, Kyoto Monodzukuri-no-Dendo (Monodzukuri Hall of Fame), we provide teaching materials and programs for the workshops held at the Monozukuri Workshop. In this program, the children themselves used staplers and tape to create simple touch panels, which were lit up using LED lights.
In fiscal year 2015, 22 elementary schools and about 1,300 children participated in our program. We hope that this will provide an opportunity for them to gain an interest in creating things through familiar items in their daily lives.

Corporate booth

Monozukuri workshop

Monozukuri workshop

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