Nissha has established the Nissha Strategy Consulting team and started offering a consulting service

April 3, 2015

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

In response to the increasingly complicated business issues experienced by our customer companies, Nissha has established the Nissha Strategy Consulting team and started offering a consulting service.

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Nissha Strategy Consulting

Purpose of the establishment

In recent years, the information media have become increasingly diverse and there are increased requirements among customers for support that goes beyond the conventional support for printed matter to higher level concepts such as support for communication strategies and even corporate strategy. At Nissha, we have established "Empowering Your Vision" as our new brand statement from April 2015 and have declared our intention to improve our own capabilities to turn the visions of our stakeholders into reality.
Nissha Strategy Consulting acts as a true partner of the customer company to achieve the business objectives of the customer by providing total support that extends from corporate strategy to execution.

Business concept

To provide a consulting service that can find answers to problems that appear impossible to solve is specialist work that requires an extremely high level of skill and experience. It can be said that the success or failure of a project is greatly dependent on the ability of the consultant responsible. To respond to this business environment, we have focused on marketing and utilized the company’s internal and external network to gather top class consultants with excellent proven results to form the Nissha Strategy Consulting organization. The optimal human resources are assigned to form a team for each different type of project and the primary objective is to produce results that exceed the expectations of the customer company. Furthermore, our consideration includes the provision of total support that includes the execution of a project, with a focus on our conventional product services, and we aim to set prices that will not be a burden on the customer.

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Nissha Strategy Consulting
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