Notice Regarding AR Metallizing Group’s Conclusion of Equity Transfer Agreement with Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda.

December 28, 2015

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha Luxembourg Holdings S.à.r.l. (based in Luxembourg), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Nissha”), through its wholly owned subsidiary AR Metallizing N.V. (based in Belgium; hereinafter “AR Metallizing Group,” including subsidiaries and associates), concluded an equity transfer agreement on December 26, 2015, for the acquisition of Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda. (hereinafter “Málaga”), engaged in the manufacturing and sales of metallized paper and deposition film in Brazil.

Objective of Acquisition

 Nissha started operation of a Fifth Medium-term Business Plan in April 2015, with the medium-term vision of acquiring new core technologies into printing technologies and completely reorganizing its business portfolio in global growth markets.
In August 2015, the company welcomed into its Industrial Materials business the AR Metallizing Group, representing the largest global metallized paper major, thereby adding metallized paper to the Nissha product portfolio and expanding into labeling and packaging of beverages, foods, and consumer products for which stable growth can be expected in the global market.
Málaga boasts a 45% share of the South American market for metallized paper as well as diverse production technologies including film deposition and lamination. Through the acquisition, the AR Metallizing Group will have a production and sales network in the potential growth market of South America, on top of its existing networks in Europe and North America, and reinforce its foundation for growth on a global scale.

Outline of Málaga

Name Málaga Produtos Metalizados Ltda.
Location Av. Dr. Alberto Jackson Byington, 2786 Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil
Representative Francisco Malaga Gimenez
Established January 1963
Number of employees 164
Business description Manufacturing and sales of metallized paper, deposition film, and related products
Net sales BRL 39,205,000 (approx. JPY 1,294 million) (year ended December 2014)

Outline of Parent Company (AR Metallizing Group)

Name Nissha Luxembourg Holdings S.à.r.l. (Luxembourg)
Location 5 rue Guillaume, L-1882, Luxembourg
Representative Junya Suzuki
(President and CEO, Chairman of the Board Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.)
Established August 2012
Capital EUR 221,143.92 (approx. JPY 30 million) (wholly owned subsidiary of Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.)
Number of employees(consolidated) 284
Business description Administrative planning and management, including ancillary and related operations, of group companies engaged in the manufacturing and sales of metallized paper (primarily for the labeling and packaging of beverages, foods, and consumer products)
Net sales (consolidated) EUR 109,000,000 (year ended December 2014)
Subsidiaries AR Metallizing N.V. (Genk, Belgium)
ARM Holding S.r.l. (Casalgrasso, Italy)
AR Metallizing S.r.l. (Casalgrasso, Italy)
AR Metallizing Ltd. (Franklin, MA, USA)
ARM Embalagens Ltda. (São Paulo, Brazil)
*Figures are based on the exchange rates of BRL 1 = JPY 33 and EUR 1 = JPY 135

Outlook for the Future

 The schedule pertaining to the acquisition is as follows.
Conclusion of equity transfer agreement: December 26, 2015
Equity acquisition:December 30, 2015 (scheduled)
The impact of the acquisition on Nissha’s consolidated business results is expected to be minor. Prompt notification will be made should the need arise to revise forecasts or disclose other matters.
*H.I.G. Luxembourg Holdings 28 S.à r.l. has changed the company name to Nissha Luxembourg Holdings S.à.r.l. on September 15,2015. 
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