“mui” User Interface—Perfectly Suited to Quality Space

Exhibits at ICFF in New York

May 13, 2016

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Nissha”) has developed “mui”, a revolutionary aesthetic approach to user-interface design for lighting and thermostat controls. When adjusting brightness or room temperature, a first-time “mui” user has a satisfyingly novel experience—yet an intuitively easy one. Furthermore, “mui” actually enhances the décor.

Note the seamless integration with interior decoration: The “mui” thermostat/dimmer interface can mimic the appearance of various building materials, thus harmonizing with any type of wood, stone or fabric. Display-screen data and controls appear only when a user is actively engaged in making a reading or adjustment.

Whereas many competitors focus exclusively on functionality, “mui” has created an interface as stylish as it is utilitarian. “mui” combines Nissha’s advanced technology with sophisticated design.

In order to demonstrate, we are participating in the New York International Contemporary Furniture Fair. At ICFF participants can experience “mui” innovation.


When not in use (Display OFF) /When in use (Display ON)


Example of guest room utilizing “mui”

Key Attributes of “mui”

  • Superb design appropriate for luxurious spaces such as fine hotels and stores
  • Ability to integrate harmoniously with space—i.e., to seamlessly blend into décor
  • Flexibility to adapt to any interior design (all manner of building materials, colors and textures, etc.)
  • Unprecedented unconventional user experience

Environments Ideally Suited to “mui” Style

  • Hotel guest rooms and areas facilitating interaction between patrons and staff, i.e., lobbies and such
  • Fine retail, dining, office and recreational space

The Philosophy of “mui”

“mui”, derived from Japanese, is here meant to convey a relaxed sense of mind. In order to inspire a relaxed contented atmosphere, we aim to unite technical functionality with visual inconspicuousness. Our aesthetic conviction is to avoid standing out. In short, MUI strives to enhance rather than disfigure the natural beauty of quality space.

MUI products are designed to make themselves visible only when needed. Display-screen data and controls emerge on the surface of the interface only when the user engages the device.

We at Nissha believe that—in hotels, fine retail shops and the like—hospitable space should strive to understand the needs of its guests, thereby maximizing comfort and enhancing stress-free relaxation. Through revolutionary creativity and unsurpassed technical expertise in wireless sensor innovation, we are creating a novel product suitable for such perfected space. This is “mui”’s pioneering vision.


LOGO of “mui”


Name ICFF -International Contemporary Furniture Fair
Period and venue May 14-17, 2016
New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
Items to be displayed “mui”
-an interface device that matches to the sophisticated quality space-
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