The beginning of a collaboration between Nissha Printing Communications’ Store Beacon and the Engagement Marketing Platform Marketo

-Providing an O2O marketing solution which enables precise customer support-

July 12, 2016

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha Group company Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. (hereinafter Nissha Printing Communications) will begin a collaboration on July 20 between its Store Beacon, which it has developed as a marketing solution for stores and facilities, and the Engagement Marketing (*1) Platform "Marketo" , offered by Marketo KK (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Yasutaka Fukuda).

Against the backdrop of diversification and segmentation in consumer preferences and communication between companies and consumers, digital marketing-related technology is evolving daily, and a diverse array of services are being provided. In particular, in 2015, the domestic market size of marketing automation (*2) reached 22 billion yen, and is expected to exceed 40 billion yen in 2020. (Reference: Yano Research Institute Ltd. “DMP (Data Management Platform) /MA (Marketing Automation) Market Report 2015 ”).
To date, solutions using Beacon have been operated as independent systems with no collaboration with CRM (customer relationship management systems) or marketing automation. Through the collaboration between Store Beacon and Marketo, it is possible to acquire customer behavior data that spans the web and actual stores. Through such a service, we can strengthen the O2O marketing initiatives of corporate clients, and enable them to offer precise support to customers, and to approach them effectively.

This solution is offered from Marketo LaunchPoint™ (*3).

*1 Engagement Marketing: A marketing method to enhance customer lifetime value. One to one communication is implemented in order to deepen the mid- to long-term relationship between customers and companies.
*2 Marketing Automation: A mechanism and platform to automate the actions of each of the marketing processes.
Used to record the actions conducted toward customers or potential customers, with the purpose of “delivering optimal contents at the optimal time in the optimal way”.
*3 LaunchPoint™: The name of Marketo’s original ecosystem (a system connecting multiple corporations and services for prosperous coexistence.) It is a platform for partner corporations offering marketing solutions to develop and provide collaboration solutions with Marketo. The ecosystem consists of over 250 collaboration solutions, including representative solutions such as big data analysis, video, digital advertising, and social media. Please see (English site) for details.

*This cooperation service is offered only in Japan

Store Beacon

Store Beacon is a marketing solution using iBeacon. Messages and links to external contents can be sent to smartphones of customers near in-store Beacon terminals. Companies can check information including the number of visitors, how long they spent in the store, and the frequency of their visits. A feature of Store Beacon is that the service can be introduced easily by integrating a SDK (Software Development Kit) to a pre-existing application.
*Store Beacon is a registered trademark of Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.
*iBeacon is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Anticipated customers

  • Marketing chiefs of companies expanding into actual retail stores in Japan, etc.
  • Marketing chiefs of companies with booths at events, etc.

Benefits to customers provided by this collaboration

  • Enables acquisition of customer behavior data spanning the web and actual stores.
  • Enables precise customer support based on behavior history on the web and in the actual store. 
  • Expands the base of customers who can be approached, through the web or in store.

Usage examples

  • Send a message with privileges to a member’s smartphone when they are near an in-store Beacon.
  • Display a web advertisement only to customers who have visited the store before.
  • At exhibitions etc., send push notifications to people passing by one’s booth.

Future developments

Based on the concept of “Marketing × IT × Manufacturing”, Nissha Printing Communications is expanding its digital marketing-related service lineup, with a focus on O2O, IoT, and One to One Marketing, etc. In addition to the Store Beacon collaboration with Marketo, we are also developing services such as OneDouga, which generates customized videos for each viewer, and Nissha Digital Printing (NDP), which is a high-quality color digital printing system. With a view to future collaboration with Marketo, we will offer solutions that enable companies to respond to the various needs of customers.

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