Change of Trade Name to Nissha Co., Ltd. Officially Decided

Approval by the 98th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

June 16, 2017

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. held its 98th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on June 16, 2017, and is pleased to announce the approval of Proposal No. 2 entitled “Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation” submitted to the meeting.
With this approval, it has been officially decided that will change its trade name to “Nissha Co., Ltd.” with effect from October 6, 2017.
The Company was established in Kyoto in 1929 in pursue of high-quality art prints. From the 1960s, with the advancement of printing technologies the Company had concentrated its efforts on developing new products and broadened its product lines, including transfer foils and electronic components, and since the latter half of the 1990s the Company has achieved remarkable growth by making inroads into the global market. The Company is now moving forward with the business development in fields such as printing related materials, automotive interior parts and medical devices, where further growth is expected on a global basis, in addition to the existing product lines.
Far beyond traditional boundaries of printing field, the Company has been evolving and expanding its business, and accordingly decided to change its trade name from Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. to Nissha Co., Ltd.
“Nissha” is a corporate brand that has been familiar with our customers, shareholders, suppliers and local communities throughout the years, and is now globally recognized. This trade name change is another opportunity for us to make even greater leap forward.

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