Environmental workshop for elementary schools

November 16, 2011

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha's employees visit elementary schools mainly in areas around our production sites in Japan and conduct environmental workshops. This initiative started in 2007 from an awareness that although we, as a manufacturing company, make efforts to preserve the global environment as a matter of course, we should also spread our consideration for the environment to the local communities. We have given the workshops to approximately 2,400 participants at 40 schools as of the end of September, 2011.

In the first half of Fiscal Year 2012 (April to September, 2011), we visited 6 schools, including one kindergarten, for the workshops. Through quizzes and practical group work, the children learned about the mechanism of global warming and separating waste for recycle, and had an opportunity to think about environmentally-friendly activities in which they could lend a hand. We also conducted a fun session of learning about the mechanism of the "printing process" or "touch panel structure", with a unique program using the printing technologies of our main business.

Observation of touch panels

Environmental quizzes

Explanation of paper recycling

Practical work of separating wastes

Nissha is aiming to deepen mutual understanding and achieve mutual growth with local communities. Firstly by fulfilling its basic responsibilities as a company, and secondly by implementing social contribution activities as a constructive company within the society—
we recognize the importance of keeping these two wheels in motion.

We will continue our efforts to deepen communication with local communities through these activities to achieve "a mutually trustful Co-Existence with society", as stated in Nissha’s corporate mission.
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