Conclusion of a Comprehensive Agreement on Technology Exchange

June 13, 2013

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

On June 12, 2013, Nissha Printing Co., Ltd. (Nissha Printing) concluded a comprehensive agreement on technology exchange with Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT).
This agreement will allow Nissha Printing to avail itself of results of academic research at KIT, and select themes for joint development according to its development strategy to create new businesses in a short period. Also, the agreement will help the Company train its engineers in up-to-date element technologies.

A scene from the signing ceremony

A scene from the signing ceremony

Main Contents of the Agreement

  • Development of new products by combining printing technology with new materials developed by KIT
  • Development of production technologies and new products utilizing fine processing technologies developed by KIT
  • Realization of high-quality CMF (color, feel of material, finish) through the combined use of product design technologies researched at KIT

On Kyoto Institute of Technology

Since the age of its predecessor, Kyoto Institute of Technology has engaged in education and research centered on practical science related to manufacture, which has always created new values in the world, in a variety of fields related to studies on industrial art and fiber. In so doing, KIT has maintained deep relationships with the traditional culture and industry of Kyoto. In recent ears, it has engaged in educational and research activities to develop scientific technologies friendly to humans, while seeking for harmony with the natural environment, and made wide-ranging contributions to the society and industry. At present, the globe is facing serious problems that endanger its sustainability, including environmental and energy problems, and global warming. Education and research at KIT is also aimed at solving these problems, and developing the Institute into an international institute of technology that cultivates fine sensibilities.
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