Nissha Starts Digital Printing Services for Designers

Speedy, Small Lot Production of High-Quality Color Book Printing

April 24, 2017

Nissha Printing Co.,Ltd.

Nissha Group company Nissha Printing Communications, Inc. is set to offer services for individual customers, centering on graphic designers, using its high-quality color digital printing system Nissha Digital Printing (NDP). NDP was developed as a strategic product targeting the growing digital printing market. Its competitive advantage is quality color reproduction long cultivated by Nissha through offset printing, combined with the freedom to select various types of paper. Services for publishers have already begun, and have won acclaim as a new publication printing solution from firms including Japanese major publishing company, Shogakukan Inc.

Key Features

  • Color reproduction on a level with offset printing
  • Enables production of various types of printed matter with greater freedom of paper selection than general digital printing
  • Ideal for small lot production of full-color printed matter
  • Meets the needs of publications with small print runs, self-published works, and small lot printing of commercial material such as high-quality color brochures, particularly containing photographs
  • Direct data-to-print eliminates the need for the plate making process
  • Single line from printing (4 color process) to bookbinding (stitched)
  • Handles sheets up to B2 size or equivalent




NDP Workshop

Editorial Design for Creating a One-Off Photo Book

Using NDP, Nissha Printing Communications organized a workshop for graphic designers titled "NDP Book Lab Workshop, Vol. 1—Editorial Design for Creating a One-Off Photo Book". The session was held in collaboration with Takeo Co., Ltd. , a trading company specializing in paper, and invited as lecturer Kimi Himeno, director of Akaaka Art Publishing, Inc., to offer hands-on experience of the process of creating a photo book.

NDP is ideal for translating the intricate expression needs of graphic designers into reality, as it achieves color reproduction on a level with offset printing and offers the freedom to select various types of paper. The service is friendly for individual customers seeking speedy, small lot production, since direct data-to-print eliminates the need for the plate making process.
On March 14, participants were invited to a tour of the Yachiyo Factory run by Nissha Group company Nitec Printing Co., Ltd., and to observe a demonstration of the processes of printing, cutting, and bookbinding using NDP. The workshop was designed with the hope of offering a feel of the joy of creation involving paper and printing, and by providing a glimpse of the editorial stage, of giving the participants an opportunity to view their designs from a fresh angle.

invited to a tour of the Yachiyo Factory

Invited to a tour of the Yachiyo Factory

bookbinding process

Bookbinding process

various types of printed samples

Various types of printed samples


Prices will vary according to specifications. Please inquire for more details.


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