Nissha Exhibits at Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018

October 2, 2018

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Nissha Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Nissha”) is set to exhibit at Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018, to be held October 4-5, 2018, at Keihanna Open Innovation Center @Kyoto (KICK). The booth will showcase the patient monitoring system Care One; Wireless Water Level Monitoring System; and Gait Track, Load Distribution and COP Visualizer.
Nissha’s Devices Business Unit takes advantage of electronic components including the core product of film-based touch sensor as well as wireless sensor and Force Sensor technologies to develop products that address social issues such as population aging and natural disasters. Visitors are invited to the Nissha booth to observe and experience actual products for the convenient and efficient measurement of disaster situations, and that contribute to comfort, safety, and security in caregiving settings.

Patient Monitoring System Care One

The patient monitoring system Care One, comprising wireless sensors and a cloud platform, was developed by Nissha for elderly nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. Care One monitors the temperature, humidity, and occupancy of multiple resident rooms at once, generates sound and screen display alerts on a dedicated terminal in the event of an anomaly, and sends notifications by e-mail to the caregiver’s smartphone or personal computer, contributing to higher levels of comfort for the residents and a reduced workload for the caregivers. Notifications are automatically recorded on the cloud,*1 making the data available for viewing at any time. The system runs on solar cells, eliminating the need for a power source, change of batteries, and installation work. Remote control operation is easy for caregivers who may have difficulty handling computers and machinery.

※1: "Care One" cooperate with ND Software Co., Ltd.'s (Head Office: Nanyo-shi, Yamagata; President Hiroshi Sato) Integrated Record Keeping System and it keeps alert records automatically.

Wireless Water Level Monitoring System

The Wireless Water Level Monitoring System uses low power wide area (LPWA)*1 sensors to monitor rivers and reservoirs from remote locations. Employing Nissha sensing technology and EnOcean*2 low power wireless communications technology, the system requires no batteries, power source, or large-scale installation work. Designed for outdoor use, the sensors provide IP67*3 level protection against dust and water, and perform year-round in all environments, from high and low temperatures to intense sunlight, enabling the monitoring of rivers and reservoirs in typhoons and localized torrential rain without putting workers in danger.

*1 LPWA, an acronym of “low power, wide area,” is a collective term for long-distance wireless communications technology requiring little power.
*2 EnOcean is the energy harvesting wireless technology of EnOcean GmbH, based in Germany, ratified as the international wireless standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10. EnOcean is a registered trademark of EnOcean GmbH. Energy harvesting is the process of converting the smallest amounts of energy from light, heat, and vibrations in the surrounding environment into electrical power.
*3 IP67 is a waterproof rating defined by by IEC and JIS.

Gait Track, Load Distribution and COP Visualizer

The Gait Track, Load Distribution and COP Visualizer is a mat-type product dedicated to gait analysis. Mats can be joined for 10 meters or more of gait measurement and used to analyze foot angle, stride length, and speed of walking. Applications include training support at fitness clubs, and gait training at long-term care facilities.

Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018 Overview

Name Kyoto Smart City Expo 2018
Period October 4, 5
Venue Keihanna Open Innovation Center @Kyoto (KICK)(Kyoto Prefecture)
Nissha booth:1-080
Items to be displayed Patient Monitoring System Care One
Wireless Water Level Monitoring System
Gait Track, Load Distribution and COP Visualizer
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- "Nissha" is a generic name of Nissha Co., Ltd. and "Nissha Group" is a Nissha Co., Ltd. and its group companies.

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