Exhibit Decorative Film and Molded Parts, and
Environmentally-Friendly Molded Products at Fakuma 2023,
the German Exhibition on Molding Processes

October 16, 2023

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Industrial Materials Business Unit of Nissha Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Nissha”) will exhibit at “Fakuma 2023” in Germany, an international exhibition on molding processes, which will be held from October 17, 2023. Nissha will showcase decorative film and molded parts for mobility interiors/exteriors, and environmentally-friendly molded products “ecosense molding”.

Decorative film and molded parts are offered under a brand “SurfaceWorks.” We provide diverse products by adding a variety of designs on surfaces of plastic molded parts, as well as combination of various functions such as touch sensor, heater, and light transparency (light-based displays).




“ecosense molding” is environmentally-friendly molded products being made mainly from plant-based materials. The product line-ups consist of Pulp Series and Biocomposite Series. Pulp Series is made mainly from pulp which gives paper-like touch. Biocomposite Series has industrial compostable feature because of its unique plant-based material mix while keeping similar functionality and durability to conventional plastic products. As a substitute to packages, products and components of petroleum-based plastics, we offer the products in a wide range of fields, including electronics, industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, cosmetics, and daily necessities. 

ecosence moding

Pulp Series

Biocomposite Series

Exhibition Overview

Name Fakuma 2023
Dates October 17 to 21, 2023
Venue Messe Friedrichshafen, Germany
Booth No. : B5-5311
Items to be displayed Nissha SurfaceWorks
1. Molded parts for light transparency for mobility interiors
2. Functional film for mobility exteriors
3. CMF design sample book

Nissha ecosense
4. Sustainable molded products​ ecosense molding
Official website https://www.fakuma-messe.de/en/


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