Launch “Nissha SenseEvolve”,
an Integrated Brand for Sensors Provided by Devices Business

March 18, 2024

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Nissha Co., Ltd. has launched “Nissha SenseEvolve” to serve as its integrated brand for sensors provided by Devices business.

Nissha SenseEvolve Image

We are providing precise and functional sensors in our Devices business. Sensors are electrical substitutes for detection by the human senses, sometimes transcend the realm detectable by the human senses, detecting extremely minute changes on behalf of humans. We believe that sensors support people’s lives in various situations such as disease prevention or accident prevention, so that people can enjoy more secure and comfortable and human-like lifestyle. This is a value proposition of our products including sensors in our Devices business that provide to society, and the concept we want to emphasize in our brand.
Nissha SenseEvolve
We offer more secure, and comfortable and better lives
for people through our sensors.
Our current mainstay products in Devices business are high-definition film-based touch sensors which are not only thin and light but also have excellent transparency and durability, and gas sensors which are small, long-lasting, and excellent for detection in low-concentration ranges.

Under the Nissha SenseEvolve brand, we will work to acquire new sensing technologies with more flexible ideas and integrate them with existing technologies, aiming to provide value that contributes to people’s secure and comfortable lives. In addition, we will continuously develop our capability which realizes high-definition, high-quality and stable supply at the same time, cultivated in Devices businesses.
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