Nissha held the 103rd Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

March 23, 2022

Nissha Co., Ltd.

Nissha Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Nissha”) held the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of the 103rd Business Term on March 23, 2022, at the Global Headquarters of Nissha. After the business reports, three proposals were deliberated and all of them were approved and carried as raised in the original.

We consider that the General Meeting of Shareholders is a valuable opportunity for communication with our shareholders. Continuing from the last year, we asked our shareholders to refrain from attending at the venue in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At the same time, we accepted questions from the shareholders prior to the event and delivered the General Meeting by live streaming to enhance communication with our shareholders.

On the day of the event, 67 shareholders attended at the venue, and the General Meeting took 39 minutes. One shareholder at the venue asked a question regarding measures to enhance future business performance, and the chairman responded.

After the General Meeting, we held a brief session for the management objectives and strategies. Junya Suzuki, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of Nissha, explained the progress of the 7th Medium-term Business Plan and our initiatives for sustainability.

We would like to express our deep appreciation to all shareholders who attended at the venue or viewed on the live streaming.

Outline of the General Meeting

Date and time March 23, 2022, 10:00 a.m. - 10:39 a.m.
Venue Global Headquarters of Nissha Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, Japan)
Today's attendance 67 shareholders
Matters reported
  1. Report on the Business Report, Consolidated Financial Statements for the 103rd business term (from January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021) and the Audit Results of the Accounting Auditor and the Audit and Supervisory Board
  2. Report on the Non-consolidated Financial Statements for the 103rd business term (from January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021)
Proposals resolved Proposal 1: Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
Proposal 2: Election of Nine (9) Directors of the Board
Proposal 3: Election of One (1) Audit and Supervisory Board Member

Shareholder's Meeting

Shareholder's Meeting

Shareholder's Meeting

Shareholder's Meeting

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