IME (In-mold Electronics)


IME is the module product integrated with functional parts, such as touch sensors, light sources, and heaters to plastic panels. IME process can allow to add functional parts even onto the curved geometry parts, which has advantage against conventional laminating process.

We can also provide film-based products without plastic panels. For more information, please see.
Printed Electronics

*IME is a registered trademark or a trademark of Nissha Co., Ltd..

Touch Sensor Insert

Touch Sensor Insert

Heater Insert

Heater Insert

Introducing features of IME which enables various design, simplified process, etc.
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Key Features

  • IME is made by film insert process, which allow to add functional parts even onto the curved plastic parts. This process has advantage against conventional laminating process. 
  • IME can add surface decoration and function using IMD/IML film. So IME Insert Mold process can bring cost benefit by simplifying your process.
  • Accurate alignment control for cover panel’s design is possible.
  • Real materials such as wood and fabrics is the options, instead of decorative films.
  • IME can integrate functional parts by injection molding process, which can save secondary process and allow module parts thin and compact. 
-Functional parts options: touch sensor, *heater, and *light sources.     
 *under development

IME Picture


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