Human Resources Development

The Nissha Group in Japan offers a wide range of training programs to realize our medium- to long-term growth strategy and to support employees’ medium- to long-term career development and promote their growth. These programs have been organized into an in-house university, Nissha Academy. Specifically, we have established selective training programs to develop candidates for the next generation of management, rank-specific training programs that match the employee’s stage, function-based training programs to provide specialized knowledge according to job type and duties, and career design training programs tailored to employees’ life stage. The Nissha Group overseas is also developing various training programs under the Nissha Academy flag, based on the actual situation in each country and region. Through such human resources development initiatives, the Group aims to see the company and our employees grow together.

Support for Employees’ Voluntary Desires to Learn and Grow

We support self-study for the purpose of encouraging employees to voluntarily seek opportunities for study, and to enhance their education or gain knowledge about the Company’s business, by providing information on programs that encourage study and by providing a system that subsidizes half of the cost for those employees who complete self-study.

Awarding System (Nissha Group)

Performance Champion

Nissha Group established various awarding systems for employees. These systems aim to praise the recipients of the awards and motivate the company and organizations as a whole by clarifying the requirements that the company should praise and by widely disseminating facts that correspond to such requirements through the company and organizations.

In addition to the four main group-wide awards, namely as the CEO’s Award, the BU Head’s Award, the Synaergy Award, and the New Hope Award, the Group also operates an award system for Group companies, including the Group Company Representative Award, which recognizes employees who have performed outstandingly well. The Group has established the global tagline “Performance Champion”, which is meant to recognize employees who have achieved results, and all of these awards are operated under a unified concept and visual.

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