Employee Engagement

Engagement Survey

For employees to work passionately and for the company and employees to grow together, we believe it is important for the company to improve employee engagement by putting in place a system that encourages this and fostering an organizational culture that is easy to work in. As one of these efforts, an engagement survey was conducted for the first time, targeting a total of approximately 3,000 employees, including all permanent employees working for the Nissha group companies in Japan in the first half of the fiscal year ended December 2022 and employees excluding those working at overseas Nissha Group factories, etc., in the second half of the fiscal year ended December 2022. The purpose of this survey was to identify issues that will improve the diverse capabilities and passions of Nissha, the source of our growth, and to improve it to the way we are, and will be conducted annually in the future.

Engagement survey results (Total for Japan and overseas)

Response rate 83.0%

Engagement survey results (Total for Japan and overseas)

The positive response rate for willingness to contribute to the organization and organizational commitment is high. This may be related to the fact that our Mission has been widely disseminated and is strongly identified with. On the other hand, when limited to their own work, the respondents found it somewhat more difficult to feel a sense of fulfillment and contribution to society. Based on these results, we analyze and develop the factors at each company, business and workplace level and promote specific actions. Based on these results, the factors are analyzed and developed at company, business and workplace level, and specific actions are promoted. We will continue to implement initiatives and make improvements to enhance a culture in which all employees work with passion.

Workplace Creation to Support Diverse and Flexible Work Styles

The Nissha Group in Japan has established the following systems and promoted the creation of workplace to support diverse and flexible work styles.

  • Flexible Work Hours
  • Telework System
  • Child-Rearing and Family Care Support
  • Promotion of the Use of Annual Paid Leave
  • Saved Expired Leave System
  • Volunteer Leave System
  • Outpatient Sick Leave System
  • Support for Reinstatement After Long-Term Leave
    For employees reinstated at work after long-term leave due to illness or injury, we have introduced rehabilitation work to prevent recurrence and support a smooth return to work.
  • Management of Working Time
    Nissha Group in Japan promote the reduction of overtime work to realize employee health and work-life balance.
  • Internal Job Posting System
    The Nissha Group introduced an internal job posting system with the aim of providing employees with the opportunity to choose their own career path as well as appointing employees to positions that reflect their aptitude and thereby enhancing our organizational strength.
  • Career Resumption Program

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