Respect for Diversity

The Nissha Group aims to be a company where all employees, regardless of nationality, gender, or age, can exercise their abilities to the full. One of our Shared Values that serve as the principle of employee behavior is Diversity and Inclusion, and we have declared that we welcome diverse human capabilities interacting as equals and enhancing our organizational performance. To grow as a global company, we respect diverse work styles by diverse human resources, and aim to create workplaces in which all employees can perform to their full potential.

Nissha Group Employee Composition

The diversity of the Nissha Group shows in our employee composition, and a variety of employees of different nationality, gender, and age are active. With the expansion of our activities across the globe, about 60% of permanent employees work at Nissha Group companies outside Japan. Nissha Group overseas bases are continuing to hire local employees and locally hired employees have been appointed to upper management positions, such as CEO, at 8 of the 17 major overseas group companies.

Promotion of Women’s Advancement

Our Group has identified utilizing diverse human resources and developing global and management human resources as a materiality. To that end, we have made promoting female advancement a strategic item and the ratio of female manager a KPI, for which we have set targets of 21% for global consolidated companies and 8% for Nissha on a non-consolidated basis by 2023. In the fiscal year ending December 2023, several women were appointed as managers, and Nissha confirmed the percentage to increase to more than 7% on a non-consolidated basis.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The Nissha Group is working to achieve the employment rate for people with disabilities at the companies with the number of employees that are subject to the employment rate system for people with disabilities set by the government. To ensure that employees with disabilities can work with peace of mind, we provide support from outside specialists such as job coaches, help them develop their skills, and hold regular interviews with Human Resources at least once a year.

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