Printed Electronics


Printed Electronics is the technology which adds electronical function onto material surface with a scalable and cost-efficient manufacturing process.Many unique applications such as medical electrodes, diagnostic sensors, heater and antenna can be produced by this technology.

printed electronics

Key Features

  • Various functional inks, such as silver (Ag / AgCI), silver nanowires, carbon, graphene PEDOT, etc., are available for production according to customers’ needs.
  • Nissha’s unique roll to roll screen printing process allow scalability and stable quality.
  • Also sheet operation for proto and small production is available.
*See also: IME (In-mold Electronics)


Medical Electrodes and Sensors

  • Providing ISO 13485 certified quality and manufacturing processes.

Printed Circuitry

  • Printing conductive, resistive, and dielectric materials on a variety of flexible and rigid substrates with our conductive printing capabilities.
  • Supports matching ink characteristics with print processes and end product performance attributes.


Example for Product development
  • Automotive seat heateas
  • Deicing systems
  • Heating for medical institutions
  • Food temperature control containers
  • Apparel



Available ink Silver, Silver Chloride, Nano Silver, Carbon, Graphene, Nano Chromic, Gold, Platinized Carbon, Nickel, Zinc, Bismuth
Substrate materials PET, PC, PVC, Silicone, TPU, ITO Sputtered, Paper
Thickness 75um ~ 300um


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