Printed Electronics

printed electronics

Printed electronics is a set of printing technologies used to create electronic circuits, sensors, elements on substrate materials such as a film. It is expected as a new production method to manufacture thinner and lighter products at low cost.

Nissha is developing “Film Devices” such as medical electrodes, diagnostic sensors, and heaters with combining printing technology and other core technologies such as patterning, with using the experience and technology in the production of touch sensers and force sensers. We can provide contract development and manufacturing of film devices to meet customer needs.

We can also provide module products integrated with film devices and plastic panels. For more information, please see also. > IME (In-mold Electronics)

Printed electronics is offered under an integrated band for sensors “Nissha SenseEvolve.”
Introducing an overview of film devices, including processing technologies and materials.
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Key Features

  • Various functional inks, such as silver (Ag / AgCI), silver nanowires, carbon, graphene PEDOT, etc., are available for production according to customers’ needs.
  • Roll to roll processing enables low-cost production.
  • Prototyping and small lot production are available.


Medical Electrodes and Sensors

Medical Electrodes and Sensors

Electrochemical sensors, microfluidics chip, sensors for glucose meters, etc.


LiDAR heater for automotives, seat heater for automotives, heater for medical institutions, etc.


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