We realize the enrichment of people’s lives
by creating technology and developing it into
economic and social value

The Nissha Group’s CSR is to realize our Mission. We are building a strong foundation as a corporation through conforming to the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) and responding to the demand from customers related to CSR. In addition, we are identifying materiality (important issues) and working to enhance our corporate value over the medium to long term.

The following sections offer an introduction to our CSR approach and activities.

CEO Message

Message from Junya Suzuki,
President and CEO,
Chairman of the Board

Nissha Group’s CSR

We promote CSR management and identify material issues led by a CSR Committee. Our aim is to build a sustainable business and a sustainable society together with our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

We recognize corporate governance as a key management priority, and work to maintain and improve our structure toward achieving sustainable growth and enhancing our corporate value over the medium to long term.

Human Rights

We operate a management system based on our Basic Policy on Labor and Human Rights, and strive to observe legislation, international norms, and code of conduct such as that provided by the EICC.

Labor Practices

Our employees are our most important management resource. We support diverse work styles, create workplace environments where diverse employees can live up to their full potential, and promote human resources development.

The Environment

We strive to reduce environmental risks, prevent pollution, and create opportunities in line with our Environmental Policy that aims for “business development and the realization of a sustainable society.”

Fair Operating Practices

We address various challenges not only in-house but also in cooperation with our suppliers, with the aim of enhancing our corporate value and being a Nissha that our customers will feel safe in choosing.

Consumer Issues

With the aim of providing products and services that satisfy and meet the needs of our customers, we make active efforts to improve quality following our Quality Policy.

Along with Local Communities

With the aim of being a company that is needed by society, we promote active communication with local communities and conduct activities in line with our Basic Social Contribution Policy.

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