Wireless Sensor Network

Systems Combining Sensors with Wireless Technology

Nissha's Wireless Sensor Network system uses energy harvesting sensors and wireless communication technology to collect data for visualization, analysis and alerts for users.
One of the products Nissha developed, "Aerial Switch", is a wireless switch which received the Good Design Award 2015 for its design and its functionality of being placable anywhere due to its wireless features.

good design award

Aerial Switch

Aerial Switch


System Setup

Nissha can provide the total solution from hardware to software to match customer needs.


  • Sensors won't need a power source or battery replacement due to energy harvesting technology
  • Due to it's wireless design, installation cost and procedure can reduced significantly
  • Operation sequence can be customized as per needed

Wireless Communication Protocols

Communication protocols are chosen to match environment and requirements needed for your system.


  • Data can be accessed "Anytime, Anywhere" via Tablet, PC, Smartphone etc.
  • The Alert function can also be customized to provide more than just visualization of data.
  • Can be customized to add SNS, Weather and external information.


User Scenes


Occupancy, CO2, Humidity, Temperature sensor installed as Monitoring system.

Leads to a better working environment

 Leads to a better working environment

・Work efficiency and ability to concentrate is reduced due to rising CO2 levels

・Visualization of CO2 levels along with alert function suggest ventilation as needed leads to a better working environment for employees.

Practical use of Occupancy Sensor

Practical use of Occupancy Sensor

・Meeting rooms are reserved but unused, leading to poor utilization.

・Real-time usage of meeting rooms can be checked by employees, leading improved utilization.


Humidity, Tempearture, and Gas sensor installed as Monitoring system.

Real-time monitor through installed sensors

Real-time monitor through installed sensors.

・Sensitive products are stored in environments that only have manual inspections

・Real-time monitor through installed sensors. Enables reduction of labor that previously spent hours manually measuring data.

Alerts can be sent to off-site

・No real-time detection for leakage of potentially dangerous organic solvents or gases

・24 hour monitor for potential leakage. Alerts can be sent to staff's mobile device evens when they are off-site.


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